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December 10, 2008


Picture: Callie Shell / Aurora for TIME


new lily allen video

December 10, 2008

Lily Allen may be a guilty pleasure of mine. Sometimes when I am home alone I just put this on repeat and dance around in my robe while I sing into my brush microphone.


david shrigley

December 10, 2008

noticeThis is a photo by David Shrigley an artist/photographer from Glasgow. He has a new book out titled GRIP not to be confused with the mediocre blog thegrip.

booty call

December 9, 2008

Some time ago The Romp had  an interactive game titled Jake’s Booty Call, a series of 33 flash animation games where the player has to follow the main character Jake and help him on his mission to cut guts of various women. It was revolutionary to say the least. You can play one of my favorites here.


read a book not a blog

December 9, 2008

9781583226025This short piece by Zinn should take you around an hour or so to read. So log the fuck off and go to half price and buy it. The wreckoning’s Mark Scott works till 8.

wedding whip

December 8, 2008

cont6I have been searching for some time to rent this whip to drive my lady off in.  No luck as of yet, might have to take her on the dyno with the white mags.

anne hathaway

December 8, 2008


You know my lady is the best out but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Anne Hathaway is on another level, especially in this dress and motorcycle jacket. I know you see it, peep the shoes too.

my snuggie

December 8, 2008

One great thing about infomercials for stupid products is that they tell you about problems you never knew anyone had.  Until I saw this Snuggie commercial I never realized how fucking hard it was for many people to get their hands out from under a blanket “when you need to reach for something your hands are trapped inside.”

I’m finna cop a snuggie and dookie in it all day. My snuggie my snuggie my snuggie, i’m fresh.

music review 2

December 8, 2008

As I mentioned in my first review I wasn’t so sure how much knowledge I would drop regarding music but you are lucky enough to catch up to another one. No hate this time, just mad daps for the L.A. band X. Now this is not DMX or that bullshit pimp my ride mark ass buster.

This shit is old of course, no where near exclusive, that’s how we do, what did you think this was thegrip?

This is the title track of their first album Los Angeles which is by far the best. People who liked this group also liked these fucking assholes as well, oh wait, no they didn’t. X is currently on tour, get tickets.

Swag Legs

December 5, 2008

synergy_00092_wI hear a lot of talk about “swag” but very little about swag leg furnishings which I am way more into than actual “swag”. Naaa mean?