hate review


So every week or whenever I feel like it I will do my best to offer an album review of sorts. This could be the first of many reviews or the first of the last so let it sink deep down into your pours, pores, spores. Just to preface I may review some new, some old, whatever. I could give a shit if you and your friends already heard it or thegrip had the exclusive. I am currently working on a deal with Steve to get some jack every time I mention his blog thegrip.wordpress.com.

Why not start off with some good old American Soul Music and the artist Pop Levi. Levi recently said of his latest release Intergalactic Funk, that he wanted the record “to sound like Japanese toys falling in and out of love with each other. Like some kind of automatic soul.”

I want Pop Levi to fall out a fucking window while the japanese toys dance around his dead body. This shit is straight garbage. This album review is now over. Fuck your shitty music taste. Have the best night of your life tonite.


2 Responses to “hate review”

  1. thegrip Says:

    Shit Rob, you are a great blogger. I’m serious. Keep this up. You are officially added to the blogroll.

  2. thewreckoning Says:

    I like your style…and font.

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