music review 2


As I mentioned in my first review I wasn’t so sure how much knowledge I would drop regarding music but you are lucky enough to catch up to another one. No hate this time, just mad daps for the L.A. band X. Now this is not DMX or that bullshit pimp my ride mark ass buster.

This shit is old of course, no where near exclusive, that’s how we do, what did you think this was thegrip?

This is the title track of their first album Los Angeles which is by far the best. People who liked this group also liked these fucking assholes as well, oh wait, no they didn’t. X is currently on tour, get tickets.


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One Response to “music review 2”

  1. thewreckoning Says:

    I always really dug this track:

    Johnny Hit and Run Pauline. Nothing better than a song about shooting up and fucking and dying.

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