david shrigley


noticeThis is a photo by David Shrigley an artist/photographer from Glasgow. He has a new book out titled GRIP not to be confused with the mediocre blog thegrip.


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6 Responses to “david shrigley”

  1. PGW Says:

    i love the anti-grip humor. keep it up.

  2. Robert Says:

    I will PG. I will beat you in 2K also.

  3. sam Says:

    hey sometime i am going to play that game

  4. sam Says:

    also i have a david shrigley book at home if you want to borrow it

    i think it has minor water damage

  5. Robert Says:

    does it have water damage on purpose like for art stuff or is it from water stuff from water only?.

  6. sam Says:

    real life water damage. i’m going to go see if i can find it and i’ll bring it tomorrow if so.

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