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can you stop us no

January 30, 2009

copenhagen_bike_traffic_lightsPhoto: Zakkaliciousness

A bike traffic light from Copenhagen.

Maybe thug mayor will get on this tip. I highly doubt anyone would obey the bike traffic light but given that I commute everyday I think some order between cyclists and drivers would be quite good.



January 29, 2009

0129_paris_hilton_nippy_splash_2Old girl Paris got dat bedazzler all up on it. Best bedazzle a chinchilla for herself too.

cavalli by thierry le goues

January 29, 2009


Fashion photography at it’s very best Thierry Le Goues.

polaroid calendar

January 29, 2009

polaroid-calendar Photo: Mark Brubaker

Bout to do this. Who got polaroid film left?


January 29, 2009


lil half dead-southern girl

January 28, 2009

You know the homey lil half dead.  Check dat reggie jersey number 31.  Finna ta have this cookout at my spot come spring.

r.kels- homie lover friend remix

January 28, 2009

Pay no mind to the garbage photo in the video. Jus let the track play.

I used to bump this in my 1986 Monte Carlo when DJ Homeschool was doin equations and eatin applesauce.  Bladow on dem guts.

faith over leadership?

January 27, 2009


Of course homes that have faith based values can be rather positive for the individual, assuming they do not practice exclusion, but we must acknowledge the fact that homes without these values can produce just individuals as well.

faith over nature?

January 27, 2009


Sir David Attenborough is a broadcaster on the BBC who has had numerous nature shows air on the channel. He receives a variety of  hate mail messages for not citing god in any of his programs. Old dude sounds tight to me.

Check the telegraph article here.

faith over holiday celebration?

January 27, 2009

kilt em. (got that from kenobi, also seen on thegrip)