men on film


Girl is one of those movies that I somehow ended up watching when we had that free HBO week back in like 2000. Anyway it is kind of a shitty movie but Dominique Swain is a babe among babes so you should watch it. A brief plot summary would go something like this:  Major babe Swain plays this smart high school chick who like shitty grunge rock and gets her guts turned out by Todd Sparrow who is in some shitty grunge band. She has some bullshit friends like Selma Blair (also a babe) and Tara Reid (garbage then, garbage now) and some dude who doesn’t shower to be like the guy in Nirvana. Oh she learns important life lessons too.



4 Responses to “men on film”

  1. Mark Scott Says:

    the best thing about that bullshit trailer was the .06 seconds that Lindsey Funke was in it. Otherwise, this was garbage. Also, isn’t Dominique Swain like 14 in this movie?

    Speaking of Dominiques, somebody actually asked me who Dominique Wilkins was. How does that happen?

  2. Robert Says:

    it is andy cihla’s cousin.

  3. thewreckoning Says:

    Who, Swain? I should be nicer to Andy.

  4. Robert Says:

    naw. human highlight reel. for serious. by marriage of course.

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