Kobe put up 61 against the Knicks last night in Madison Square Garden. They’ve been playing basketball at MSG for a while, so it’s worth noting the significance of his 61 point performance, it is the most ever in that building. I have had the debate with many regarding where Kobe ranks among the best to ever play the game. Of course everyone still talks about MJ and even Bron for that matter, which in many cases is warranted,  but I must say that Kobe is the best pure basketball player to ever play the game. He brings an aethstetic talent that is unmatched by any player.



9 Responses to “61”

  1. thegrip Says:

    man why you got a picture of a mixer and shit on your banner. you ain’t never been in the studio.

  2. thegrip Says:

    Damn. MVP chants at an away game. That’s just dirty.

  3. PGW Says:

    my boy

  4. Bobcat Says:

    Black Mamba

  5. pfull Says:

    Rob i think u and i are on the same page ! Never be a lakers fan – but kobe has the ball on my part !

  6. maddaps Says:

    kobe does get down. i like the lake show but i pull for ohio anytime i can. love MJ and Bron too, but you gotta be honest about things.

  7. marklawrencescott Says:

    I also think Nate Robinson is MVP. He can D anyone 100/100 times. No points. No score.

  8. marklawrencescott Says:

    Had to mark. Sorry.

  9. marklawrencescott Says:

    Who stole my login?

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