I ride by the tent city off the bike path quite a bit. It fucks me up pretty much every time I pass by and halfway down the path I wonder how anyone ended up there in the first place. I think everyone seems to at least state answers that they would deem “obvious” whether it be substance abuse or some other derogatory comment that cheapens the individual as well as their existence. Many attempt to talk about their tax dollars, how no one deserves a “free ride” and so on, but I saw a woman with silver hair trying to push her shopping cart up the hill from her tent. Not that it matters much to mention because this has nothing to do with me, but I pushed it up the hill for her and she thanked me, with a look of disappointment, like her life was once “worth” something and now it has been reduced to this. She looked to be in her 60s at the very least and I didn’t have the guts to ask how she had got there, or how I could help get her out of there, I just watched her push the cart away, wondering the last time she was able to fill it with actual groceries, in a actual store, where she wasn’t viewed as the homeless lady she now happens to be but a lady who is respected and recognized in society, not outside of it.

This morning I packed two lunches and my wife said “are you really gonna be that hungry?” of course I said yes but I didn’t want to tell her one was for the woman in tent city, who I see from time to time in the morning, sadly enough today I couldn’t find her. In any case I have done very little to even begin to assist the homeless population let alone those others in need, it is good to see that someone is working towards an answer to provide some shelter and respect to these individuals.


Tiny pallet houses were designed by students at Emily Carr University and are meant to serve as shelters for the homeless. With a roof and a lock on the door they provide a safe alternative to tents all for around 1500 dollars a piece. A community like this could not only provide safe tiny homes to live temporarily but a place to lock up a few belongings while they are away at work or elsewhere. They could also help people regain a sense of pride which could help them recapture their lives.


More information can be found here. Many thanks to mark.l.scott for the story.


6 Responses to “home-less”

  1. Kelley B. Says:

    Now you’re giving the homeless tupperware??

  2. maddaps Says:

    who i be?

    tuppaware man.

  3. Stephers Says:

    1500 bucks a piece?! I could build at least 3 for that cost…maybe more, I’d check out the landfields and sources of discarded building materials, and all the buildings that are being demolished, to make room for new buildings… the possibilities of obtaining free or cheap as hell building materials are everywhere! If ‘some’ of the big wigs in charge of ‘some’ things would just consider doing SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE with what they discard, instead of totally demolishing them into unusable piles of rubbish…. and a few people start caring in a more creative way…life would be so much more for so many more.

  4. maddaps Says:

    I agree totally. I think numerous possibilities exist regarding on how we can re-purpose materials to benefit not only ourselves but others as well, including the environment of course.

    The issue does remain with those with a great deal of power and wealth. What is their motivation to provide assistance? Seems as if many are too self serving to see beyond what they want, need or desire for that matter.

    If you come across any information I would love to hear about it, thanks for the comment.



  5. Stephers Says:

    You’re welcome Rob… and yeah..What would motivate them? …
    You’ve got the engine turning in my head.
    I will report back if I happen to

  6. Stephers Says:

    make a difference. or just cause a scene.

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