My good friend Ellison Platt recently did an interview with EXPN. I think that is the X-treme version of ESPN or something. In any case I don’t know much about BMX but I do know that Eli is not only a great rider but a great person as well. He happens to have an okay jumper too.


I’ve known Eli Platt for quite along time now and he’s one of the many great riders I always seem to mention from Ohio. He’s definitely on my top list of riders I enjoy photographing, when we get the rare occasion to do so. He’s always going big and fast and somehow manages to throw in great style too. It’s been awesome watching his riding career really take off over the past few years and to see how far he’s come with it. I think a lot of it has to do with his attitude and personality. What most don’t know about him though is that he’s just as unique of a person off his bike too. He has strong passions for what he believes in and great attitude towards life. I recently caught up with Eli since he’s finally back from some road trips, to throw some random questions at him. Check it out. -Cody York

ESPN: Your favorite BMX trick is?
Eli: Right now, it is probably just a good tuck or table.

ESPN: The last person you called was?
Eli: A friend to see about playing some basketball after work.

ESPN: List one word to describe yourself:
Eli: Searching

ESPN: What’s one thing you regret?
Eli: Having regrets

ESPN: The last thing you listened to was: Eli: Pink Floyd’s “Animals”

ESPN: Your best friend is:
Eli: I’m lucky enough to have a few good friends that I place on high but equal footing.

ESPN: Something you wish you had more of:
Eli: Time

ESPN: Something you wish you had less of:
Eli: Worries about the future.

ESPN: Your biggest fear is:
Eli: Not living a life I’m proud of.

ESPN: The thing you love the most is:
Eli: The morning

ESPN: The thing you hate the most is:
Eli: Hate

ESPN: A nickname you have is:
Eli: Eli

ESPN: What shoes are you wearing right now?
Eli: Barefeet

ESPN: One thing you could do without would be?
Eli: Obligations

ESPN: The best advice anyone has given you?
Eli: I really don’t know. During the years when people tend to give you advice, I was pretty hard-headed, so I’m sure I missed some good stuff.

ESPN: Your biggest dream is to?
Eli: Live on the Mediterranean.

ESPN: What’s one thing you’d like to do before you die?
Eli: Run an ultramarathon.

ESPN: Most important possession you own is?
Eli: Though it feels strange to call him a possession, I guess my dog, Azlan.

ESPN: One person you’d love to meet is?
Eli: Obama

ESPN: Last thing you’d like to say is?
Eli: Thanks!!


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    Weed killin em

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