In 1963, the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee awarded Bob Dylan with it’s Tom Paine Award “in recognition of distinguished service in the fight for civil liberty.”  At the awards dinner Dylan caused quite a stir with an usual, and by some accounts, unintelligable acceptance speech.  Reading the transcript, Dylan definitely seems to ramble in parts, however, for the most part the gist of what he was getting at is still cogent today.  What follows is a cut-and-paste complilation of  what I think really should become the platform of a new movement–one independent of parties and candidates and slogans and all the things that reduce individuals to parts of the whole, that make people labels and affliations.  Considering the mess we’re in due, in large part, to the greed and ineptitude of those govern in Washington as well as those who pull the strings of our casion-style economy, this speech is as timely now as it was then:

I haven’t got any guitar, I can talk though. I want to thank you for the Tom Paine award in behalf everybody that went down to Cuba. First of all because they’re all young and it’s took me a long time to get young and now I consider myself young. And I’m proud of it. I’m proud that I’m young. And I only wish that all you people who are sitting out here today or tonight weren’t here and I could see all kinds of faces with hair on their head – and everything like that, everything leading to youngness, celebrating the anniversary when we overthrew the House Un-American Activities just yesterday, – Because you people should be at the beach. You should be out there and you should be swimming and you should be just relaxing in the time you have to relax. (Laughter) It is not an old peoples’ world. It is not an old peoples’ world. It has nothing to do with old people. Old people when their hair grows out, they should go out. (Laughter) And I look down to see the people that are governing me and making my rules – and they haven’t got any hair on their head – I get very uptight about it. (Laughter).

There’s no black and white, left and right to me anymore; there’s only up and down and down is very close to the ground. And I’m trying to go up without thinking about anything trivial such as politics. They has got nothing to do with it. I’m thinking about the general people and when they get hurt.


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2 Responses to “Youngess”

  1. sam Says:

    i was confused at first, because i thought rob used the word “cogent” in a post, then i realized that mark wrote this and it made sense. because he’s pretentious as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. r. Says:

    i use cogent all the time. it is like valid but more cogent that valid would be.

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