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mash up award…

May 14, 2009

Penn student Willaim Strasser and his winner of the 2009 Penn Mash up Contest through Penn Libraries.

I had to chance to attend a great conference at Case Western  and this video was highlighted as a contemporary form of art. I think it is a great piece of work and the Auden poem has never sounded better. I would just call it dope, but the ivy league may demand a more elaborate description.

Here is Strassers explanation of the piece:

Whether in Classical mythology, Renaissance painting, 20th century poetry or modern music videos, depictions of suffering have never ceased to captivate audiences. I aim to juxtapose these depictions in order to highlight ways they have changed and ways that they remain the same, identifying something inherent to the human condition.



the rubber room

April 22, 2009

the rubber room movie is a documentary discussing the numerous issues that exist in the new york public school system.  i first caught wind of this situation when marklscott played the podcast for me.

more information on the film can be found here.

furious styles

April 20, 2009

boyz in da hood.

furious drops mad knowledge on the young boy.


April 17, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.


April 17, 2009

have you seen dig? see it. resee it. you can find out how tight anton from brian jonestown massacre is and how much of a pussy the dude from dandy warhols is.


April 17, 2009

i remember watching tron on west third with megsterr, rausch, tristan, greg jones and maybe andy marc? in any case it was quite the experience for me.  i’m not saying i was under any influence, but i can imagine what this movie would be like if i was and then directly after the film ends a bunch of people show up in halloween costumes. you could almost lose your mind.

me and you and…..

April 14, 2009


an old friend’s artwork reminded me of this film and truly great it is. if you have yet to see it see it. if you have seen it. resee it.

40 degree day

April 8, 2009

get wit spring.

Heed It Well, Ye Pantheists!

March 25, 2009

In 1982, Les Blank made a documentary about Werner Herzog and the production of his film Fitzcarraldo.  Filmed in the jungles of South America, the filming of Fitzcarraldo has become legendary for not only its audacious vision, but also for the seemingly endless series obstacles it had to overcome.  I believe seven people died shooting this flim, which may have something to do with Herzog’s perception of nature and the jungle:

the dark knight…..

February 10, 2009


Photo: hey okay

bullshit movie just jockin style. ask Craig Mack about it.