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half courted em

February 24, 2009

Devin Harris is a baller.


i am not a role model

February 11, 2009

If I hear one more motherfucker talk about Michael Phelps I swear I might lose my shit. I could care less about swimming but furthermore it sickens me to see a young man be judged by other men and women who did and probably still do the same. My mom told me to always mind my own business. That was no bullshit. In any case my response to the world regarding Mr. Phelps is best described by Sir Charles in this Nike commercial.

Get your mind right.


February 3, 2009

Kobe put up 61 against the Knicks last night in Madison Square Garden. They’ve been playing basketball at MSG for a while, so it’s worth noting the significance of his 61 point performance, it is the most ever in that building. I have had the debate with many regarding where Kobe ranks among the best to ever play the game. Of course everyone still talks about MJ and even Bron for that matter, which in many cases is warranted,  but I must say that Kobe is the best pure basketball player to ever play the game. He brings an aethstetic talent that is unmatched by any player.

faith over leadership?

January 27, 2009


Of course homes that have faith based values can be rather positive for the individual, assuming they do not practice exclusion, but we must acknowledge the fact that homes without these values can produce just individuals as well.


January 23, 2009


January 13, 2009

LeBron GQ Cover Basketball

Bigups to LeeeeBron for the cover but someone needs to get my homey Kareem Jackson on some shit like this. If Lebron is on get the boy Reem on.  Also if you don’t know, now you know, peep the Milk Bar.