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mash up award…

May 14, 2009

Penn student Willaim Strasser and his winner of the 2009 Penn Mash up Contest through Penn Libraries.

I had to chance to attend a great conference at Case Western  and this video was highlighted as a contemporary form of art. I think it is a great piece of work and the Auden poem has never sounded better. I would just call it dope, but the ivy league may demand a more elaborate description.

Here is Strassers explanation of the piece:

Whether in Classical mythology, Renaissance painting, 20th century poetry or modern music videos, depictions of suffering have never ceased to captivate audiences. I aim to juxtapose these depictions in order to highlight ways they have changed and ways that they remain the same, identifying something inherent to the human condition.



cable access-austin-tehaus.

April 28, 2009

40 degree day

April 8, 2009

get wit spring.

Heed It Well, Ye Pantheists!

March 25, 2009

In 1982, Les Blank made a documentary about Werner Herzog and the production of his film Fitzcarraldo.  Filmed in the jungles of South America, the filming of Fitzcarraldo has become legendary for not only its audacious vision, but also for the seemingly endless series obstacles it had to overcome.  I believe seven people died shooting this flim, which may have something to do with Herzog’s perception of nature and the jungle:

Guilty Pleasures

March 5, 2009

30 Rock.

academic earth

January 22, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Academic Earth is a great site to get your mind right. It holds numerous lectures from factuly around the world regarding an array of issues. You won’t find it on thegrip, but what do you find on that piece of shit blog anyway? This particular lecture is from Professor Shelly Kagan regarding Plato’s Phadeo.

get it right get it right get it tight

January 12, 2009

letterstripI have always hated  pretty much anything in my home that makes it look cluttered. I do my best to hide any wires from view as well as mail, my numerous parking tickets and so on. I think what the kids over at keepitcartesian are doing makes sense and adds to any living space.  Descartes would approve.


January 8, 2009


an excerpt from Harry Frankfurt On Bullshit:

In the old days, craftsmen did not cut corners. They worked carefully, and they took care with every aspect of their work. Every part of the product was considered, and each was designed and made to be exactly as it should be. These craftsmen did not relax their thoughtful self-discipline even with respect to features of their work which would ordinarily not be visible. Although no one would notice if those features were not quite right, the craftsmen would be bothered by their consciences. So nothing was swept under the rug. Or, one might perhaps also say, there was no bullshit.

It does seem fitting to construe carelessly made, shoddy goods as in some way analogues of bullshit. But in what way? Is the resemblance that bullshit itself is invariably produced in a careless or self-indulgent manner, that it is never finely crafted, that in the making of it there is never the meticulously attentive concern with detail to which Longfellow alludes? Is the bullshitter by his very nature a mindless slob? Is his product necessarily messy or unrefined? The word shit does, to be sure, suggest this. Excrement is not designed or crafted at all; it is merely emitted, or dumped. It may have a more or less coherent shape, or it may not, but it is in any case certainly not wrought.

The notion of carefully wrought bullshit involves, then, a certain inner strain. Thoughtful attention to detail requires discipline and objectivity. It entails accepting standards and limitations that forbid the indulgence of impulse or whim. It is this selflessness that, in connection with bullshit, strikes us as inapposite. But in fact it is not out of the question at all. The realms of advertising and of public relations, and the nowadays closely related realm of politics, are replete with instances of bullshit so unmitigated that they can serve among the most indisputable and classic paradigms of the concept. And in these realms there are exquisitely sophisticated craftsmen who — with the help of advanced and demanding techniques of market research, of public opinion polling, of psychological testing, and so forth — dedicate themselves tirelessly to getting every word and image they produce exactly right.

Yet there is something more to be said about this. However studiously and conscientiously the bullshitter proceeds, it remains true that he is also trying to get away with something. There is surely in his work, as in the work of the slovenly craftsman, some kind of laxity which resists or eludes the demands of a disinterested and austere discipline. The pertinent mode of laxity cannot be equated, evidently, with simple carelessness or inattention to detail. I shall attempt in due course to locate it more correctly.

you can find more information on Harry Frankfurt here.


January 7, 2009


If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocitiesVoltaire