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oochie bang bang

April 8, 2009

bump this all spring.


the dark knight…..

February 10, 2009


Photo: hey okay

bullshit movie just jockin style. ask Craig Mack about it.

fly fresh fitted

February 4, 2009


Photo: heyokay

since “GET RIGHT” is cancelled get right is throwing
a cd release party with our friend “dj holla”
in the basement @ hamptons on king

so come join us for a little basment party
cd release , butt check dropper, club hopper,
head knocker…..BLLLAAAAAT

free admission
234 King Ave.
in the basement at the hamptons

lil half dead-southern girl

January 28, 2009

You know the homey lil half dead.  Check dat reggie jersey number 31.  Finna ta have this cookout at my spot come spring.

jeezey jump off

January 7, 2009

26_12_2008_0038088001230286574_dope boy had dat outdoor holiday show.

juelz told me to get married

January 6, 2009

here is some footage from the reception:

check thegrip for the true story.

my love for hockey sport

December 5, 2008


Growing up near Youngstown, Ohio, we never had a lot, but boy did we have fun!  My mom and dad wouldn’t let me play foosball in high school, so I was forced (literally, by my older brother Anthony) into trying out for the hockey team.  As it turns out, I was (and still am, Mike!) great with a puck.  I was a regular Happy Gilmore (if you don’t get that one, you don’t get me).  Within two years, I was the team goalie and also the hockey mascot–I was the school puck.  All of the kids treat me like a toilet and sit on me!  It is like I was on Real World and my name was Puck!  What gives???  By senior year I was the best of the best.  I had been skating and blading, doing jumps, flips, and snips.  My puck-work matched my footwork in terms of excellence of performance.  Simply the best.  But what do you know?  The coach cut me from the team for my muscles being too big.  That is when I decided to go to OSU college and try out for all the sports.  I became the starting quarterback in 1999 and later went back to be Joey Galloway in the mid-’90s.  Things were finally looking up.  I scored a goal in sports and I really scored a goal on the hockey court!  Around this time I met my fiance Debbie.  We get along great!  It is like all the differences between women are moot, because we agree on EVERYTHING!  Like, just today we were not fighting over even a thing and then we saw these great throw pillows and we really just had to have them.  Guess what?  Now we have them!  So one day I’m driving to hockey practice with my bride-to-be and it hits me: I should be doing this professionally.  So I try out for the Columbus Chill.  My tryout goes great.  I am on the team.  Sweet, right?  WRONG.  This was a big time mistake on my part, because the Columbus Chill turned out to be Hilliard Davidson high school’s team.  I am back in high school again and I am almost 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be continued…


December 3, 2008

So I breakout of work to the crib sit down at the computer and find my lady’s wedding playlist open. We are bout to do that married thang soon so I thought y’all would appreciate a preview of the bangers we are gonna play at the reception.

Debbie’s Must Play List: (be sure to click on them shits)

#1: Our Wedding Song! I’ll Be Seeing You By Billie Holiday

#2: Dad/Daughter Dance – “Unforgettable”. I want the version of Nate King Cole and Natalle Cole singing together!


#2: “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

#3: “At Last” – Etta James

#4: “I Can’t Stop Loving You” By Ray Charles

#5: “Here we go again” Ray Charles & Norah Jones

#6: Moon River – Henry Mancini

#7: “The Way You Look Tonight” –Tony Bennett

#8: Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

#9: Fire & Rain – James Taylor

#10: Mary J Blige – No More Drama