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April 8, 2009

maybe you should read this book. maybe everyone should read this book. maybe everyone should read or re-read this book.


and excerpt from Sea Oak:

“Angela Silveri. We dated senior year. Then Dad died and Ma had to go to take a job at Patty-Melt Depot. From all the grease Ma gota bad rash and could barely wear a blouse. Plus my sister Min was running wild. So Angela would come over and there’d be Min getting high under a tarp on the carport and Ma sitting in her bra on a kitchen stool with a fan pointed at her gut. Angela had dreams. She had plans. In her notebook she pasted a picture of an office from the J.C. Penny catalogue and under it wrote, My (someday?) office. Once we saw this black Porsche and she said very nice but make hers red. The last straw was Ed Edwards, a big drunk, one of Dad’s cousins. Things got so bad Ma rented him the utility room. One night Angela and I were making out on the couch late when Ed came in soused and started peeing in the dishwasher.  What could I say? He’s only barely related to me? He hardly ever does that?

Angela’s eyes were like these little pies.

I walked her home, got no kiss, came back, cleaned up the dishwasher as best I could. A few days later I got my class ring in the mail and a copy of The Prophet.

You will always be my first love, she’d written inside. But now my path converges to a higher ground. Be well always. Walk in joy. Please don’t think I’m cruel, it’s just that I want so much in terms of accomplishment, plus I couldn’t believe that guy peed right on your dishes.

No way am I table dancing for Angela Silveri.”

a book by George Saunders.

once again many thanks to mls for suggesting the book.


summer heights high

January 9, 2009

Summer Heights High

All I can say is that I have not seen anything close to this good on television since Arrested Development.

50 bands your kids should know, or you kids should know

January 7, 2009

50-bands-2So IFC posted this blog about 50 bands your kids should know which is nowhere near toally accurate but I agree with some of the choices. Fuck U2 and the Green Day selection. No Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, The Who, Velvet Underground, BIGGE, Love, or Jodeci for that matter. But Joni Mitchell, The Gorrliaz, GnR, AC/DC, all straight garbage.  What the fuck.

IFC needs to suck a dick no homo.

get your mind right.

January 6, 2009

the daps is back with a dose of  Bill Maher’s Religulous. I would suggest every member of the general public view this film.

music review 2

December 8, 2008

As I mentioned in my first review I wasn’t so sure how much knowledge I would drop regarding music but you are lucky enough to catch up to another one. No hate this time, just mad daps for the L.A. band X. Now this is not DMX or that bullshit pimp my ride mark ass buster.

This shit is old of course, no where near exclusive, that’s how we do, what did you think this was thegrip?

This is the title track of their first album Los Angeles which is by far the best. People who liked this group also liked these fucking assholes as well, oh wait, no they didn’t. X is currently on tour, get tickets.

the wreckoning

December 4, 2008

Considering my blog will be mostly filled with hate I thought it would be fitting to hate on a new additon to the blog word, the(w)reckoning. It is actually my friend Mark’s blog that is filled with shit you never heard of or don’t really care about anyway. I guess it is worth taking a look when your waiting for thegrip to post photos of you and your friends at the latest gathering, or maybe if you just spent too much time on myspace or facebook updating your mood or status or whatever.