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who stylin?

April 21, 2009


caught this dude in the “do” section of viceland.  in any case lil man is styled out with that gameboy belt buckle and rockies hat. don’t sleep on dem jeans or the shark tee either.  might be dc reem in the making.


Revolutionary Branding

April 21, 2009


I remember the first time I saw that famous photograph of Che Guevara.  It was in the liner of notes of a Rage Against the Machine album.  I was 15 or so and had no idea who he was, what he had done, why he was famous, but I immediately liked him.  There’s just something about that photo that makes you idolize–and idealize–him without knowing anything about what he stood for, what he meant.   I’m older now and I know better, but sometimes when I see that image there’s a part of me that still feels a little bit of that old romantic revolutionary spirit, that tingle –especially when it’s giggly down a runway on Giselle’s rear end.


In Che’s Afterlife, Micheal Casey “traces how Korda’s photograph became one of the most widely disseminated images in the world, how Che went from being a symbol of resistance to the capitalist system to one of the most marketable and marketed brands around the globe, how the guerrilla fighter became a logo as recognizable as the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches.”

(from NYT)

mad dippin

March 3, 2009


breakin Vans.  I might try and find some deadstock.

mad naps

February 24, 2009


“Pillowig” is hand made wearable pillow comforting trieness of people in daily lives, enabling users to sleep comfortably whenever and whenever they’d like. The pillowig was designed by Joo Youn Paek and you can see more of her work here. I think she might be related to Grace or May? Maybe MTR?

ninja shoes

February 10, 2009

royal239546_96323_lgMy dude Cihla a.k.a “tweety bird” introduced me to royal elastics some time ago and as you can see they are a pretty eccentric to say the least.

Mad dippin.

cavalli by thierry le goues

January 29, 2009


Fashion photography at it’s very best Thierry Le Goues.

fiction mirror

January 20, 2009


Jean-Marie Massaud did a series of work for Glas Italia that may cost more than my whole crib. I imagine these would be way tight to have in your room when you cut up guts like Bale in American Psycho and no not Batman Bale with his bullshit voice and kevlar plated sunglasses or whatever the fuck they had in that joke of a film. Dark Knight is for little kids.

winter parasol

January 13, 2009

mod-clothfinna cop the lady this piece.

found at modcloth.


January 13, 2009

LeBron GQ Cover Basketball

Bigups to LeeeeBron for the cover but someone needs to get my homey Kareem Jackson on some shit like this. If Lebron is on get the boy Reem on.  Also if you don’t know, now you know, peep the Milk Bar.

anne hathaway

December 8, 2008


You know my lady is the best out but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Anne Hathaway is on another level, especially in this dress and motorcycle jacket. I know you see it, peep the shoes too.